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Got my replica watches, love the look but as you can see the magnifier is so off center that unless there is no light above or you cover the replica watches you can't see the date. The other replica watches uk I bought is centered perfectly but this replica watches uk you can't see the date for the shadow. This is an obvious defect we need to exchange this replica watches uk for one that is centered. Have you found this on many others? Never mind I gave this replica watches uk to my friend, he doesn't know the difference. If I buy other replica watches from you I want one with at least the quality of the first one I bought from you. I gave those replica watche to someone else but the quality was actually far superior. The replica watches you sent from HK I'd better than these replica watches from China. Don't know if they are made from different companies but the first replica watches uk was much finer.

I am afraid the strap has broken on the replica watches uk I bought from you in November. Basically a pin on the strap has come out on its own and got lost therefore breaking the strap, can you please post me a couple of replacement pins so that I can screw the strap back together again. It seems stupid for me to send the replica watches back for repair when I only need a replacement pin to fix it myself, the pin needs to be a stainless steel pin please. I will send the replica watches to you as soon as I can as I cant get pictures from my phone to the computer so I shall have to ask someone else to do it for me. I can promise you that I am telling the truth about the strap of the replica watches uk, the pin came loose then fell out therefore breaking the strap. What would I lie for are you sure you really need a picture. Thankyou for that as it seems stupid for me to spend £30 to send the replica watches uk back when I can fix it myself, it will also be very cheap for you to send me a few pins.